Crafting Visions,

Constructing Realities

Our skilled team transforms vision into superior reality, constructing cabins that seamlessly harmonize with nature, ensuring unparalleled quality that stands the test of time.

TimberHut’s Journey & Mission

Discover the roots that gave rise to our innovative venture and explore the vision that propels us forward. Our mission is intricately woven into every design and every detail, creating spaces that elevate the human spirit and foster a deep connection with the natural world.

TimberHut's Evolution: From Home Offices to Nationwide Resorts

TimberHut was started as an answer to the need for added domestic workspace during the COVID-19 pandemic. We made highly functional, well crafted accessory dwelling units for use mainly as backyard offices, yoga studios, serenity cabins, etc. We migrated into sleeping quarters and fully deployable guest suites. And ultimately pivoted to the resort and campground market, producing full sized deployable guest cabins for resorts nationwide.

Crafting Wellness Retreats: TimberHut's Vision for Elevated Living

There is a natural attraction today to wellness and personal discovery and development. TimberHut’s mission is to leverage our talent in design and craftsmanship to develop the most welcoming, nurturing environments for elevating the human spirit, easing stress, and reconnecting with the natural world. We do this by creating exceptionally crafted deployable accommodations and housing for a variety of customers.

Meet the Team

Brooks Anderson


Anderson left the financial services and investment banking world to start three different companies in the last 15 years before creating what is now known as TimberHut. His experiencing and training is in business development but his passion is designing and creating new experiences for those seeking wellness, recreation, and crazy cool hospitality. Married to Inger, together they have a daughter named Amelia.

Jim Dailey

VP of Development

Dailey brings 30 years of branding and technology integration experience to lead Timberhut development efforts. He thoroughly enjoys learning about partners’ needs and fostering a supportive relationship, ensuring successful implementation. He’s married to Beth and has three children, Tess, Finn, and Maeve and hasn’t met a dog that wasn’t his best friend.

Tom Kiddoo

VP of Site Development & Director of Western States Operations

Bio coming soon

Randy Wiser

Lead Builder

Bio coming soon

Join Our Mission: Crafting Transformative Spaces

If you share our passion for wellness, design, and the harmony between humanity and nature, consider collaborating with us. Together, we can bring your vision to life while contributing to a mission that transcends craftsmanship.