Building Differently,

Making a Difference

Aligned with our fundamental principles of wellness, comfort, intentional design, and smart builds, TimberHut has expanded its commitment to recovery and wellness retreats, providing a sanctuary for those in need.

Empowering Recovery and Well-Being

TimberHut is dedicated to leveraging our expertise to make a positive impact in the world. We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with organizations who share our mission of creating meaningful experiences for people.

Compassionate Collaborations: Creating Safe Havens for Recovery

TimberHut collaborates with organizations dedicated to assisting individuals in drug or alcohol recovery by providing secure and comfortable accommodations. TimberHut also collaborates with organizations that provide homes for the elderly and low-wage adults. Adhering to our commitment of intentional design for the end-user, we collaborate with experts to comprehend the impact of light on mood and how temperature and humidity influence psychological well-being.

Innovative Personalized Retreats: Crafting Therapeutic Environments

Our insight allows us to create truly personalized safe havens, equipping them with amenities and settings tailored to specific needs, fostering a therapeutic environment that prioritizes comfort and peace. Our dedication to innovation drives us to explore cutting-edge technologies that enhance the overall experience, with a focus on the unique needs of those in recovery.

Building Communities: Enhancing Wellness & Reducing Relapse Rates

Our goal is to help these organizations achieve their mission by building communities that foster social connections and mutual support. By incorporating specific lighting colors, scents, infrared saunas, cold plunge technology, into a neural environment, we can significantly reduce the likelihood of individuals relapsing into substance use.

“A very scientific approach to home design and community building that is aimed to turn relapse rates on their head by incorporating architectural designs and technology that promote natural healing and recovery.”

Max Faery, Audacy WREN News, link to article

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